Lifelong Learning: Faculty Attend Anatomage Conference

  • Thursday, Aug 3, 2017
Faculty at Anatomage Conference
Faculty from the Biological Sciences Department and the Henry Predolin School of Nursing went back to school this summer. The group attended the international Anatomage Table User’s Group Meeting 2017 in San Jose, California to learn more about one of the College’s newest and most sophisticated teaching tools, the Anatomage table.  

Beginning with the Fall 2017 semester, students and faculty will use an Anatomage table in classes and labs. This piece of equipment allows students to interact with a ‘digital cadaver’ instead of real human cadavers. This amazing piece of technology allows students to view human anatomy and individual structures in 3D, resulting in an unprecedented level of detail. 

“The Anatomage will transform our ability to teach pre-Health Science and Nursing students at Edgewood College,” Brenda del Moral, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences said. “Using this digital cadaver allows students to learn all levels of anatomy, from the whole body to microanatomy, and includes 3D investigations of normal and pathological case studies.  There is no part of the body that cannot be visualized with the Anatomage, and this makes it a powerful addition to our capacity to teach students human anatomy and pathology.  As health care becomes increasingly electronic, the Anatomage gives our students an edge in their academic preparation. We cannot wait to integrate the Anatomage into our curricula.”

Edgewood College is grateful for the significant support of Henry J. Predolin Foundation, whose continuing work on behalf of our students makes a significant impact both in and out of the classroom.

Photo: San Jose, Calif., July 2017: l. to r. Debbie Yañez Sharp, Biological Sciences, Kristin Gabriel, School of Nursing, Donika Rakacolli, Biological Sciences; Brenda del Moral, Biological Sciences; Julie Hudziak, School of Nursing; Marisol Lopez, Biological Sciences.