Sustainability Leadership Program Goes Virtual

  • Thursday, Apr 22, 2021

Madison, Wis. (April 22, 2021) – The Social Innovation & Sustainability Leadership program at Edgewood College will be offered in a remote-learning format when graduate level classes begin in August 2021.  

“We picked Earth Day to celebrate this announcement,” Victoria Palmisano, Associate Dean for Business, Communications, and Innovation, said. “Enhancing access is a significant step forward as we continue this outstanding program to help build more sustainable communities. Our current mode – remote, synchronous delivery – is working well right now for students in the program. This is one of those lessons learned from the pandemic; it’s safe, it’s accessible, and it’s flexible. The mode may change to virtual meetings, but the heart of the program remains the same.” 

The Social Innovation and Sustainability Leadership program is offered in an 8-week format, with a longer track for the full-semester capstone. The program is marked by its intensive community focus. Students collaborate with one another, and with faculty from a diverse spectrum of backgrounds, to identify a personalized capstone for the full semester. Students earn either a Graduate Certificate, or a Master of Arts degree, depending on their advanced degree goals.