First Year Orientation

Sunday, August 16 – Tuesday, August 18, 2020

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We are excited to welcome you to campus! Orientation is how we jumpstart friendships, academic success, and your overall college journey at Edgewood College. Don’t forget to RSVP by clicking the Sign Up button above. 

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Download the First Flight 2020 Guidebook. Use this Guidebook to preview Orientation, find resources on campus, and check out upcoming events happening in the first 6 weeks of classes. Check back for more details and events added throughout the summer!

Fabiana Veguilla

Hello New Eagles,

Welcome to Edgewood College, our Class of Community. We on the Orientation Team are so pleased to welcome you to your new journey and take you on your First Flight!

My name is Fabiana and I’m the Orientation Assistant for Flight Crew this Summer. I’m an upcoming Junior studying Biology and a Peer Leader for a COR class this fall, and I’m so excited to be working to create a welcoming and engaging environment for you all, however that takes form. When I’m not studying or helping to plan Orientation, I also work for the Office of Student Inclusion and Involvement and will be planning many events for you all to enjoy this year. It is my hope that you enter into your own college career with laughter and support from all of us who came before you.

During these troubling times, we know that you all are wondering what your semester is going to look like. What I can promise you is that we’re doing everything to make this summer and fall as fun, interactive, and informative as possible. As your peer, I hope I can be a resource for you all to have your questions answered and your voices heard. This will be a unique Orientation and semester, but the entire Flight Crew and myself will be here every step of the way to help you all adjust to your new campus and home.

And we can’t wait to see all your stylish face masks this fall!

Fabiana Veguilla 


Sunday, August 16

12:00-4:00pm  Welcome Fair  Predolin Awning & offices 
12:00-4:00  Orientation Check-in  Predolin Lobby 
3:00-4:00  Commuter Life 101  Predolin 115 A&B 
4:00  Family Farewell   
4:15  Class Photo & President’s Welcome  Outside of Edgedome 
4:45  Orientation Group Meet-up  Regina Parking Lot 
5:00-6:45  Orientation Group Meetings & Dinner   
7:00-10:00pm  Streaming Eagles Game Night  Online 
7:30-8:30pm  Floor Meetings  Residence Hall Floor Lounge 

Monday, August 17

7:00-9:00  Breakfast Available  Phil’s 
9:15  Orientation Group Meet-up  Regina Parking Lot 
9:30-10:20  Round 1: Breakout Sessions  Various Classrooms 
10:30-11:20  Round 2: Breakout Sessions  Various Classrooms 
11:30-1:20  Group Meetings & Lunch  Phil’s & Homeroom 
1:30-3:00  Playfair  Online 
3:15-4:15  Group Meetings  Homeroom 
5:30-7:00  Dinner RotationPhil’s 
9:00  Outdoor Movie: Birds of Prey  Campus School Lawn 

Tuesday, August 18

7:00-9:00  Breakfast Available  Phil’s 
Groups 1-9    
9:00-10:30  Type Focus: Understanding Your Personality Strengths  Various Classrooms 
10:45-11:45  Building Just & Compassionate Communities  Homeroom 
11:45-12:15  Final Group Meeting  Homeroom 
12:15   Bell Ringing  St. Joseph Chapel 
Groups 10-18    
12:15-1:45  Type Focus: Understanding Your Personality Strengths  Various Classrooms 
1:45-2:45  Building Just & Compassionate Communities  Homeroom 
2:45-3:15  Final Group Meeting  Homeroom 
3:15  Bell Ringing  St. Joseph Chapel 
TBAAthletic Compliance Meetings  Coaches will communicate with individual teams via email
Students sitting outdoors in front of the Library.



Edgewood College is conveniently located on a beautiful lakefront campus, just minutes from downtown Madison.