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Welcome Back students! Make sure you Mask Up, Back Up, and Wash Up. Lets keep our community safe. Just like Eddy!

Any question, big or small, can be answered by the Dean of Students Office.

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How can I Mask Up, Back Up, and Wash Up effectively on campus?  Wear your mask! Masks should cover your nose and mouth and should be worn indoors in public spaces and outdoors when you can not effectively be physically distant  from others. If you do not own a mask, you may purchase one in the Campus Store. Back Up: practice physical distancing by leaving 6 feet between you and others. Wash up: wash your hands often. 

What should I do if I was exposed to someone with COVID-19?  Report any potential exposure or symptoms to the Dean of Students Office and follow any instructions they provide to seek medical care or to quarantine. 

What should I do if I see another student who isn't wearing a mask? Remember, this is the year of community.  Please remind them nicely to wear their mask. We are all doing this for each other. Should you have questions, you may contact the Dean of Students Office

How will office hours be managed? All support services are still fully available to you; some are just offered in a different way. For example:  

  • All seating areas for Phil’s and Wingra have been spaced out for social distancing. Also, Stations that used to be self-serve are now either served by Dining Staff or are single packaged items.  
  • Health Services will see students for non-COVID concerns by appointment only. Personal counseling will be provided via telehealth. 
  • Current information on library services during COVID-19 is available on on the library website.


Update for Fall 2020 - Remote vs. Online

Jul 27, 2020, 15:45 PM
Title : Update for Fall 2020 - Remote vs. Online
Posting Date / Time : Jul 23, 2020, 16:00 PM

Dear Students and Colleagues – 

We are less than a month away from the first day of classes, and activity on campus reflects that fact. We continue to prepare classrooms, labs, and common areas to welcome students back to campus. Life will be different than last fall, for sure. There are challenges and changes, but we are facing them together. I am confident we will continue to support each other, and our commitment to each other will keep us all moving forward, as our students pursue their academic goals and next steps.

And we know there are questions. Students, you received an email on Wednesday, July 22 (yesterday) from Heather Harbach, V.P. for Student Development/Dean of Students, inviting you to participate in a series of webinars. Those are coming up next week: 

6:00 - 7:00 pm, Monday, July 27, 2020

Noon-1:00 pm, Tuesday, July 28, 2020

4:00 – 5:00 pm, Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Students - Send your questions ahead for any of these sessions to deanofstudents@edgewood.edu.

All students and their families are invited to attend – even if you’ve already participated in a webinar as a new, incoming student. I plan to attend these as well, as my schedule allows.

One of the things that we are challenged by during this pandemic is how to be really clear in our communications. It has come to my attention recently that there may be some misunderstanding of what we mean when we say “remote” learning or teaching. This word is not the same as “online” learning or teaching. For us, “remote” means that there is a class taking place on campus at a particular time, and some people are experiencing it from a distance. (As opposed to online, which means that there is no physical location for the class.) When we say that a student is participating in the class remotely, it means that the student is part of the class, involved in the discussion, witnessing what is happening as it happens through the use of technology.

We will be on campus, and in-person this fall – as we committed to in the spring. Students and faculty will have the flexibility to join classes remotely depending on their individual circumstances. As part of making this format successful, we’ve created a new work-study position for our students. It’s so new students can’t apply for it yet. These work-study students will assist in handling the day-to-day management of technology in a blended classroom; monitoring whose hands are raised, pointing the camera where it needs to be pointed, etc. You’ll have more information on that in a few short weeks, in plenty of time to apply if that role fits your schedule.

Remember - what we all do today and tomorrow will have an impact on our entire community in a very few short weeks. Show your family, friends, and fellow students you care about them by wearing a mask where it’s called for, and by following the recommendations of our public health professionals. 
I look forward to seeing each of you when classes begin! 
Be well!

Cor ad cor loquitur.

-Andrew P. Manion, Ph.D.

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Bias and Harassment

Edgewood College is committed to providing an inclusive environment for all members of our community. Please remember that any bias or harassment toward community members of perceived Asian descent will not be tolerated. All campus members play an integral part in creating a community that is free from discrimination, harassment, and hate.

If you have been the target of (or have witnessed) an incident of discrimination or of bias, please complete the online form.