Dominican Hall

Dominican Hall

Dominican Hall opened in 2007 and is the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) – Silver certified residence hall in Wisconsin. The name of this dorm represents the college’s Dominican traditions and values that are woven into all aspects of life on campus. This hall is co-ed and is home to 200 students. Dominican residents who live in suites within the building enjoy shared lounge spaces, kitchens, study areas with computers on each floor and a beautiful lake view.



Dominican Double Floor plan example

Average Room Dimensions

Double - Length: 22'6'' Width: 12'


Each resident is provided an XL Twin size bed (mattress measures 36” X 80”). Students living in a single room within a suite that does not contain a living room will be provided with a loft kit from the college. Students living in all other single rooms are not permitted to install a personal loft, as these students have extra space in a living room. Students in double rooms are able to bunk their beds. There will also be a desk and chair provided for each resident. For storage space, there are wardrobes and dressers provided.


There are several different types of suite setups in this dorm. Rooms in the suites are a mix of double bedrooms, single bedrooms, and living rooms. Additionally, all suites have a private, tile-floor, bathroom with showers, sinks and storage space. Most suites house 4 students, with a few housing 3 students. The rooms are painted a neutral color to accommodate any color scheme so painting will not be allowed. All windows in the suites are also equipped with adjustable blinds and each room within the suites are fully carpeted.