Undergrad Science Lab

Broad Field Natural Science

In Broad Field Natural Science, you’ll gain a broad understanding of science across the major disciplines of Biology, Chemistry, Geoscience and Physics. The Broad Field curriculum is designed to give you a solid foundation of science content and processes while still allowing you to customize your in-depth exploration in a particular discipline within science and engineering. The Broad Field major serves as a starting point for advanced study in the sciences, preparation for professional schools, and combines well with other majors and minors to prepare you for work in fields such as Education, Communications, or Political Science.

Science and technology are a part of almost every profession today. A Broad Field Science major will provide you with the science background necessary to intelligently engage in a wide variety of science issues. While specializing in one area of science is appropriate for some careers, preparing yourself to engage with science ideas across the entire breadth of science content is unique to the Broad Field Science program.

You’ll take a year-long introductory sequence of courses in all four science areas. From there, you’ll specialize in one science content area. Working with your advisor you’ll choose courses to build the kind of specialty that you’re most interested in and find most compelling. You can choose from a wide variety of mid and upper-level courses.


I came to Edgewood College with set goals, to become an officer and to get into medical school. I’ve reached both those goals.
Dr. Justin Chaltry ’11, DO, Capt., U.S. Army