The ROSE Project Continues Expansion in Milwaukee

  • Friday, Sep 2, 2022

ROSE project milwaukee news cover

Madison, Wis. (August 31, 2022) – Since 2008, the Office of Science Outreach’s Resources and Opportunities in Science Education (ROSE) Project has partnered with community centers and schools throughout the Madison area. The ROSE Project has recently expanded into partnering with schools and community centers in the Milwaukee area. This group hosts science nights where families can participate in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) activities.

In July 2022, the Office of Science Outreach received a $5,000 donation from Generac in support of their expansion efforts in the Milwaukee area. This will help fund classic ROSE Family Science Nights with Milwaukee area schools and community centers. With donations like this, the ROSE Project is able to quickly and effectively broaden scientific outreach in the region.

“Our successful expansion to the Milwaukee area has provided us with a unique opportunity to join the broader STEM outreach network expanding Southeastern Wisconsin,” said Bernie Traversari, Director of Science Outreach at Edgewood College. “This region is quickly becoming a hub of STEM careers and innovation, and we believe ROSE can add to this growth by providing high-quality, family-centric science education opportunities, all while building collaborations with like-minded leaders and other local organizations.”

During the 2021-2022 school year, the ROSE Project partnered with five schools in the Milwaukee area to host science nights. Students learned about bee physiology and colony behavior, animal learning behavior, entomology (the study of insects), arachnology (the study of spiders), and other general biology and chemistry topics.

Edgewood College partners with science experts from across the state to help lead these programs. Recent science experts included Dr. Chelsea Cook of Marquette University, Dr. Amanda (“Lee”) Lee of Carroll University, Dr. Ignacio Escalante Meza of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and several PhD students from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Marquette University. The ROSE Project graciously appreciates the support of Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) We Energies STEM Center for letting them use their space for numerous events.

The ROSE Project continues to both sustain and expand the reach of programs in the Madison area. If you are a school or community center interested in partnering with the ROSE Project, please contact Sarah Stoehr, ROSE Project Coordinator, at