Faculty Careers Drive Student Success in Madison, WI

How Faculty & Staff can Make a Difference

We welcome the opportunity to partner with faculty, staff, and student org leaders to bring career education to your classrooms and meetings! Check out these options (new path needed) for ideas on how we can partner with you. Have something else in mind? Let us know! Reach out to us at 608.663.2329 or email skronberg@edgewood.edu.

IC Institutional Course

Additional Ways to Support Students Pursuing Internships

IC or "Institutional Courses" create a structure that provides students additional opportunities to engage in an internship. IC's allow for students to pursue multiple internships, document internships on their Edgewood transcript (especially if their major does not require one for credit), and engage in internship opportunities during the summer without additional cost. Check out the Institutional Course Structure and Guidelines for more details and contact careers@edgewood.edu with any questions.

Institutional Courses in Your Discipline

Consider partnering with the Career Development Center to run an institutional course in your discipline! These courses are designed to:

  • Provide an avenue for multiple internships for students
  • Create summer "not-for-credit" experiences
  • Equip areas that do not currently have internship courses with the tools and structure to offer this opportunity to students


IC Contracts

Consider partnering with the Career Development Center to run an IC in your discipline! After reviewing the Institutional Course Structure & Guidelines, download the contract below that's right for you.

IC 270

IC 275

IC 470

IC 475

Inclusive Internship Project

Supporting Student Interns Just Got Easier

Enhancing the educational experience of students, decreasing the financial burden on student interns and the organizations that need them, and building community partnerships between Dane County organizations and Edgewood College.

What is the Inclusive Internship Project?

Enriched learning experiences - such as internships - play a critical role in students’ personal and professional development, but unpaid internships may also create financial barriers for students.

Thanks to the Oscar Rennebohm Foundation's gift to Edgewood College, we are able to provide stipends to undergraduate students through the Inclusive Internship Project. Edgewood College strongly encourages faculty and staff to motivate their students to apply for this program so they may benefit from financial security, experience in their field, and working directly within the local community!

For more information, please contact Ian McArthur, Assistant Director of Career Development.

Instructor Benefits

If you don't not already have an existing internship course to support students, and are the instructor for a student participating in this gift, you are eligible to receive a $100/credit hour stipend compensation Institutional Course (IC) internship courses are built as a framework for you to support the student in this experience. If you do have an internship course in your program, students are eligibility to participate in the gift.