Partnering with Career Development

How Faculty & Staff can Make a Difference

We welcome the opportunity to partner with faculty, staff, and student org leaders to bring career education to your classrooms and meetings! Check out the options below for ideas on how we can partner with you. Have something else in mind? Let us know! Reach out to us at 608.663.2329 or email 


Personality Assessments

Do you prefer introversion or extroversion? How do you like to make decisions? Our MBTI certified staff members will help answer these questions and more so you can link your personality type to potential career options! Students will look at personality indicators and how they correlate to career satisfaction, and we’ll be there to guide them through the process.

Time: 60 minutes

Creating a Career Development Timeline

This presentation will walk students through:

  • Self-assessment and career planning
  • Career exploration and leadership development
  • Career goal setting
  • Gaining experience through experiential learning opportunities like internships
  • Graduate school planning

Time: 60 minutes

What Can I Do with this Major?

This presentation will broaden the student’s perspective on the world of work by connecting the dots between their major and their career goals.

Time: 60 minutes

Career Fair Tips

This presentation will guide students through the process of preparing for a Career Fair. Whether the fair is in-person or virtual, Career Development staff members can help!

Topics include: how to register, how to prepare, what to wear (important even for virtual fairs!), interacting with employers, following up and more. 

Time: 45 minutes

Resume and Cover Letter Writing

One of our most popular workshops! A Career Development staff member will teach students the importance of these crucial documents, the components needed to make them as effective as possible, and how to format them to professional standards.

Time: 60 minutes

Interview Tips

This workshop will help students learn how to maximize their chances for a successful interview!

Topics include: the purpose of an interview, what to wear, and etiquette of what to do before, during, and after.

Time: 45 minutes

Internship & Job Search Strategies

Internship Search:

This workshop teaches students how to implement effective internship search strategies! Through an internship, students will apply the knowledge they have learned in the classroom to real work related to their career plans. This experience will help them gain essential employability skills and knowledge in the field of their internship. Additionally, internships are an excellent way for a student to explore whether that field/industry is right for them.

Time: 60 minutes

Job Search:

This workshop will teach students how to organize their job search campaign, schedule time, research employers and identify contacts. There will also be a tutorial on using the college’s online job search system, Handshake.

Time: 60 minutes

Professional Branding & LinkedIn Tutorial

Students will learn how to own their professional image and stand out from the rest of the candidate pool. They will create and manage their online brand through LinkedIn in order to maximize their online presence and begin the networking and self-promotion process.

Time: 60 minutes

Elevator Speech

Students learn the importance of preparing for networking events by crafting a 1 minute “elevator speech” about themselves. This quick but important speech helps ensure they will grab the attention of the listener and walk away having left a favorable impression.

Time: 20 minutes

Panel of Experts

Bring Edgewood alumni and/or other specialists into your classroom to talk about real world experiences, how they got their job, what it’s like working in their industry, different career paths students can take within different schools/majors, and much more. Panel topics can be tailored to fit your class and needs.

Time: 60 minutes

Inclusive Internship Project

Supporting Student Interns Just Got Easier!

Enriched learning experiences - such as internships - play a critical role in students’ personal and professional development, but unpaid internships may also create financial barriers for students. We believe that internship experiences and experience should be equally accessible to all students. Thanks to the Oscar Rennebohm Foundation's gift to Edgewood College, we are able to provide stipends to undergraduate students through the Inclusive Internship Project. Edgewood College strongly encourages faculty and staff to motivate their students to apply for this program so they may benefit from financial security, experience in their field, and working directly within the local community!

Instructor Benefits:  If you don't not already have an existing internship course to support students, and are the instructor for a student participating in this gift, you are eligible to receive a $100/credit hour stipend compensation Institutional Course (IC) internship courses are built as a framework for you to support the student in this experience. If you do have an internship course in your program, students are eligibility to participate in the gift.

IC Internship Course

Are you thinking about additional ways you can help support students who want to pursue an internship?

Consider partnering with the Career Development Center to run an IC Internship Courses in your discipline! These courses are designed to:

  • Provide an avenue for multiple internships for students
  • Create summer "not-for-credit" experiences
  • Equip areas that do not currently have internship courses with the tools and structure to offer this opportunity to students

 Click the button below to learn about the course structure and contact Sara Hanson, Director of Career Development for more info!