Our Diversity Journey

We are at the beginning stages of our journey and this page will continue to share the evolution of the Edgewood College diversity program.


Feb 26, 2021, 14:41 PM
Title : Diversity_07/01/2017
displayTitle : Summer 2017
Date : Jul 1, 2017, 00:00 AM

A new role, the Executive Director of Diversity & Inclusion/Special Advisor to the President's Cabinet, was created to lead campus diversity efforts. This position serves as a member of the President's Cabinet and chairs the President's Diversity Leadership Council, a group also established in late 2017.

The Edgewood College 2017-2027 Pathways to Purpose (Strategic Plan) also serves as the College's diversity plan. Of the 33 priority actions included in this plan, one-third have an inclusion focus. Diversity is integrated throughout the entire plan and Strategic Priority #5 intentionally calls for us to build an inclusive College where individuals across the rich spectrum of diversity succeed and belong

The President's Diversity Leadership Council reports to the President of the College and ensures that an inclusive and equity lens is brought to the actions of the College. Within the first academic year of the charter of this group, the Council revised the College's identity statement, ensuring students from all gender identities (and expressions) were welcomed at Edgewood College, approved a Land Recognition Statement, honoring the Ho-Chunk Nation and bringing awareness to the 16 Native American Mounds on campus, and led an engagement session with the Edgewood College Board of Trustees.